All the matches in the world don’t amount to much when your tongue and brain pack their bags and head to Disneyland for the weekend and leave you staring at a blank screen. You need a little help to break the ice and you need it fast if you don’t want that hottie with the body to think you’re dumber than damp toast and too pathetic to make a move. Let’s face it gentlemen, she’s already talking to the guy who just read this article and getting his address for a little couch time later. We’ve put together a list of pick-up lines so hot your Tinder crush is going to be storing her panties in your freezer, after she drops them for you…

  • Do you like dated GoT references and cuddling? Because winter is coming in 3-4 years depending on their shooting schedule and I’d like to get prepared with you 😉
  • A polar bear and a jumper cable walk into a bar. The bartender says “try not to start anything, last time he tried to break the ice I couldn’t start my car for a week!”
  • You’re trapped on the 10th floor of a burning building. The’s an extensive library, a fully stocked bar, and a number of celebrity guests. Which cocktail do you prepare and which book do you read while you wait for the fire department to arrive? Also, which celebrity do you throw out the window?
  • Do you like head? Because I’d like to get down on my knees and roll mine into a basket for you.
  • What do you call a drunk bear on a unicycle waving a shotgun around? Mr. President.
  • Do you work for the IRS? Because I like to combine business with pleasure and want to watch you audit me.
  • You’re piloting a twin engine aircraft with a soccer team aboard in heavy fog. Suddenly a mountain looms before you. Too late for evasive maneuvers, do you pray to God for a miracle or slather the passengers in BBQ sauce knowing that it’s never too late to marinate?
  • Are you a privilege inspector? Because I need mine checked.