@realDonaldTrump You cannot acid wash an email, you are a very stupid man, even for a New York Democrat. Many of th… https://t.co/HskGkRnCI9 in reply to realDonaldTrump -> RT @GreenTimeMusic: @realDonaldTrump https://t.co/omr74jwCuf ->… Read More

@realDonaldTrump Send the Jews back to Germany, they just made more room for them in the camps. in reply to realDonaldTrump -> @realDonaldTrump Very confused because these are all things you have done, and mostly to children. Jeffery Epstein… https://t.co/BN5G9pxQDx in reply to realDonaldTrump -> @realDonaldTrump There is plenty of room in Idaho, the state… Read More

All the matches in the world don’t amount to much when your tongue and brain pack their bags and head to Disneyland for the weekend and leave you staring at a blank screen. You need a little help to break the ice and you need it fast if you don’t want that hottie with the… Read More

  (On Hillary Clinton) “Is she a Christian? I don’t think so. I know she was photographed dancing in front of Moloch at Bohemian Grove dressed as a man and married a male prostitute… you can fact check that. (Bernie) Sanders officiated the ceremony, he admits it! Sacrificing children to a giant burning owl? That’s… Read More

Can you tell the difference between Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler? Many people have compared Trump’s fiery rhetoric to that of everybody’s favorite mass murderer, but how close are they really? The Donald may be the Blitzkrieg in the Boardroom but can he take it to the battlefield? We’ve found 8 scandalous quotes that will… Read More