If you are visiting Angrycritter.com it is probably because you don’t like things that are funny and are probably frowning right now! So to meet your discerning and no doubt unpleasant taste I have compiled an EXCITING TOP TEN LIST of the least funny and entertaining pictures on this internet website blog. There are many more than 10 unfunny things here but you will have to wait for the TOP TEN SECOND TO LEAST FUNNY PICTURES blog post!!!

1. This is an MS Paint of a cat. Yay!


2. The orange peel is nature’s camouflage

3. Awww… isn’t he cute?

4. Happy Turkey Day!

5. Must become more streamlined to beat Phelps!

6. I think something may have gotten lost in the translation…

7. Lovely morning for a commute

8. It’s another Radiohead reference

Brought to you by the letter ess

9. No sign of fluoride, this waters safe to drink sir.

10. Darwin approaches, wearing his boots of +6 natural selection