Hillary quotes to use on Tinder

If you’ve used Tinder you’ve probably spent a fair amount of time staring at a blank message prompt desperately trying to think of something clever to text that one slightly average looking person who probably swiped you by accident, and then resorted to Googling pick up lines in hopes that somebody on the internet is spending their refractory period writing dating advice that you can use. Finding a brilliant opener is a tricky proposition, even for the best of us so I’ve pulled a few gems from America’s favorite pant-suited seductress that are guaranteed to get you digits. (more…)

By Staff Writer

If there’s one unwritten rule, or more accurately, one horrifically overwritten rule, it’s that before you can start enjoying that relationship you have to actually meet another human being first. And that invariably is going to involve a little flirting, so thank God that Cosmo is riding into town again in a drunken stupor of stupidly that only a man writing for, well Cosmo could hope to achieve.

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