Twitter Updates for 2014-03-11

  • I like prying the guns out of people's cold dead hands but only because I like to collect hands. ->
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Twitter Updates for 2013-12-18

  • One of my ancestors heroically remained aboard the deck of the Titanic with a rifle and shot holes in the boats of the deserting rats. ->
  • RT @DeuceRadio: The Favstar twitter community people are such injured, damaged humans holy crap ->
  • @virgiltexas it got over 11 million but Jew likes are the only ones that count. in reply to virgiltexas ->
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Twitter Updates for 2013-12-17

  • If God intended for man to walk on the moon then why am I up here with a machete chopping the legs off of astronauts? ->
  • Jointed at the hip like a tacky piece of meat furniture your contribution to society is equally comfortably to a soggy chair ->
  • Kind of a catch 22 that in order to prevent forest fires you weren't home stopping me from burning your house down ->
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Twitter Updates for 2013-12-03

  • I sanded the edges off of all your jokes while you slept. And your toes. Actually it was mostly just the toes. ->
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Twitter Updates for 2013-11-27

  • When I can insincerely thank the stupid people who gave me all their money I'll know I've finally made it. ->
  • Your mom has to cut the crusts off of her knuckle sandwiches before she beats you. ->
  • Ugh. How many famous people do you have to kill in order to steal their fame powers? ->
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Twitter Updates for 2013-11-26

  • A man stuffed in a man stuffed in another man stuffed in a wood chipper. ->
  • You can take a man out of the jungle, but it's a lot more fun to see if he can find the way out on his own. Most of the time they don't. ->
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