Twitter Updates for 2014-12-11

  • Fate. It's what you hit with your car at one in the morning and are 90% sure it's not a hobo until you back over him to check. ->
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Twitter Updates for 2014-12-05

  • Literally identical to the liberal white murder advocated by the American Left to assuage their imagined guilt: #PeterPanLive ->
  • Any culture whose cuisine cannot be condensed into an easily packaged, and machine dispensable form, cannot be considered to have value. ->
  • RT @Aspersioncast: Save money on groceries by serving your three kids one plate of food between them for dinner & call it Masterchef night. ->
  • RT @Brentweets: People told Helen Keller she'd never be able to hear but did she listen? No. ->
  • Writing an app that lets you figure out whatever the hell you drunk-tweeted last night, but removes approximately 29% of the shame. ->
  • @MostlyPregnant I did not vote for Bob Barr for this. in reply to MostlyPregnant ->
  • RT @jocelynaspa: Good job with the tweets today, everyone. ->
  • My self-published guide to internet fame is still the best kept secret of the Internet despite having a 110% guaranteed success rate. ->
  • @theleanover really not fair to claim he's not famous when I've collected over 12 of his relatives for my wall collection. in reply to theleanover ->
  • @aguywithnolife try BBQ sauce and preheating the oven to 425, totally guaranteed to work or at least provide dinner. in reply to aguywithnolife ->
  • @BoookofQuotes oh goody I'm being followed by another Zionist ->
  • @vrunt @vladchoc water them while you're away, while you're awake. Either way I like to make you watch. in reply to vrunt ->
  • @Rosa__Luxemburg freedom to drown, freedom to burn, freedom to be sent to the front line. ->
  • @cracked another well sourced article of journalistic toilet paper. in reply to cracked ->
  • @TheSeanBrewster looking for the button to "like" this or match you on tinder in reply to TheSeanBrewster ->
  • @theleanover @WIRED more magic Jew technological wizardry in reply to theleanover ->
  • @Brentweets as long as I can origami-fold singles into paper airplanes and throw them at you, I'm cool with these "life-decisions." in reply to Brentweets ->
  • RT @Brentweets: No I'm not an aspiring comedian, I'm an aspiring job person. ->
  • Going to prove my artistic integrity by retweeting @Gawker articles for the next 24 hours ->
  • @MahatmaGandhiii weird how they could have gotten lucrative defense contracts but were too busy oppressing themselves with pacifist leftism in reply to MahatmaGandhiii ->
  • Just wanted to announce that I'm writing a novel, and by write I mean I stole my therapist's notes and made copies at Kinkos. ->
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Twitter Updates for 2014-12-04

  • The man with lentil soup scented BO would be the one doing the chicken dance. ->
  • Normally expanding your horizons wouldn't involve this many power tools; and this much blood, but I'm in a hurry. ->
  • Rooting out bias in the Western news media by setting things on fire and scoring their reactions on a scale of one to set more fires. ->
  • Out of respect to my Jewish brothers I don't drive my Eternal Life Dozer though the crowd of Pro-Palestine protesters on Saturdays. ->
  • If you remove the last 2/3 of the outer extremities, you can pretty much build your own hobbit out of the homeless. #TheHobbitTickets ->
  • Need to start sharing my hot tips to SEO optimize your Twitter feed to maximize follower positive synergized-feedback with myself. ->
  • @glasssdigital good job minion, now retweet at least 5 tweets in exchange for 100 standard follow units. ->
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Twitter Updates for 2014-11-22

  • Civilization stands upon the shoulders of giants, and whatever other body parts we can stitch together into some sort of novelty rug. ->
  • Breaking Bad had some pretty good tips for corpse disposal but seriously undersold the value of a good string of fires. ->
  • Kinda weird how an overhyped media frenzy over Ebola makes you start wearing gloves during a routine vivisection. ->
  • @jitka typical liberal defeatism. Reach for the stars and murder it for money and legs that won't quit. in reply to jitka ->
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Twitter Updates for 2014-11-20

  • You can take the jungle out of the man but you have to remove lots of other parts first and damned if I shouldn't have bought that label gun ->
  • We can rebuild him, we have the technology; but the time and effort is better spent breaking more people. ->
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Twitter Updates for 2014-11-15

  • You can take the jungle out of the man but you have to take a lot of organs out first and damned if I shouldn’t have bought the labeling gun ->
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