Twitter Updates for 2015-03-28

  • When asked if I'm a feminist, I respond with "I'm an arsonist" and spray them with lighter fluid; but not women because I'm not a misogynist ->
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Twitter Updates for 2015-03-22

  • The more things change the more we lapse into depression, allowing ourselves be medicated until we're convinced no change has occurred. ->
  • RT @1Happytwit: Nothing is remotely sexier than a flamethrower and handcuffs. ->
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Twitter Updates for 2015-03-21

  • Weird how invasive surgery is perfectly legal right up until you use it to discover someone's inner truths. ->
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We awoke a sleeping giant by shattering his kneecaps

Real men drink their breakfast through a straw

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Twitter Updates for 2015-03-09

  • I make all my life or death decisions by flipping a quarter hidden in a sack of coins flung at your head. ->
  • Professional Courtesy, as defined on the handle of my hatchet, is killing you with something I found at your work. Such as a lost hatchet. ->
  • RT @NotPeterStark: Young people are lucky. When I was a kid we slid down stainless steel sheet metal heated to 350° and called it a playgro… ->
  • @NotPeterStark @MNAmeriBrit weird how Hansel and Gretel was actually based on like a million true stories. in reply to NotPeterStark ->
  • There is no greater evidence of the cultural divide between the West and the Middle East than ISIS failing to ironically IED standup comedy. ->
  • RT @Brentweets: Monster trucks, beer, guns, beef jerky, Sheryl Crow. I just gained 5 followers from the Midwest. ->
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Twitter Updates for 2015-03-08

  • This tweet sponsored by the chainsaw I'm still learning to handle with a modicum of personal safety. ->
  • How many Game of Thrones episodes is it until this RR Martin guy has a heart attack and stops writing books or whatever? ->
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