@realDonaldTrump You cannot acid wash an email, you are a very stupid man, even for a New York Democrat. Many of th… https://t.co/HskGkRnCI9 in reply to realDonaldTrump -> RT @GreenTimeMusic: @realDonaldTrump https://t.co/omr74jwCuf ->… Read More

@realDonaldTrump Send the Jews back to Germany, they just made more room for them in the camps. in reply to realDonaldTrump -> @realDonaldTrump Very confused because these are all things you have done, and mostly to children. Jeffery Epstein… https://t.co/BN5G9pxQDx in reply to realDonaldTrump -> @realDonaldTrump There is plenty of room in Idaho, the state… Read More

As someone who has been a blogger for several years, and worked in a number of online communities for far longer, the topics of social media strategy and SEO (search engine optimization) come up quite frequently. Having been on both sides of the issue; working to expand my own reach as well as advising others… Read More