Any idiot can be a political cartoonist

Bonus tip: When used appropriately,  a caricature can really make your cartoon standout from the crowd, but be cautious – a drawing of George W. Bush as a chimp may be hilarious, while doing the same with Obama will make your cartoon appear racist.

In which Angry Critter drags a joke out for 3 panels

This joke went on for three panels but my dog ate the other two, so you’re stuck with the least funny of the set. If you were wondering, they involved a joke about the proper amount of jpeg artifacting to apply to your images and something about pasting Sheen tweets onto pictures of cats.

Angry Critter Exposes Scott Walker. No, not like that!

Are the words too small? Your eyesight not so good anymore?

Just click on the image and be amazed as it enlarges right before your eyes! Okay, actually it gets smaller first, but your cursor will turn into a little magnifying glass. Then you can click on the image again and it will like totally get bigger (I promise!)