Just added a “random” link so you half-wits no longer have to read this crappy blog in order. Just click on the link above in the nav bar or at the bottom of any single post you’re viewing.… Read More

Here’s an idea: how about a photoblog without any actual photos? It’s just a blog about photos that we never actually get to see. It’d be like that movie Alien where you don’t really get a good shot of the alien. So the blog would just feature a corner here, and a blurry glimpse there.… Read More

It should be noted that this website (or blog with pictures) is under construction and will remain so until I’m done with it(read: never). Style sheets must be edited, widgets discovered and plug-ins ignored. You must have at least 1 comment approved by Animal Control before they will display, so be nice now and a… Read More

Comments appear to be working now. Go nuts, but in a State Approved kinda way.… Read More