Made an ID badge for an Umbrella Corp doctor’s costume and thought it turned out pretty well so I figured I’d share it for those interested. Zip file includes layered PSP and PSD files plus a flattened JPG with the ID info removed. Designed for a 3 1/2″ x 2 3/8″ badge holder you can… Read More

If you are visiting it is probably because you don’t like things that are funny and are probably frowning right now! So to meet your discerning and no doubt unpleasant taste I have compiled an EXCITING TOP TEN LIST of the least funny and entertaining pictures on this internet website blog. There are many… Read More

Keeping a blog up to date is a lot like trying to get TV on your laptop. It seems like a good idea, but no one actually has the time to figure it out or has the right cables to make it work or whatever. You’re halfway through the eleventh poorly written tutorial about HDMI… Read More